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I'm Khush Mehndiratta, a Youtuber, blogger and currently working as content writer for Technogripper limited.

I am a youtuber where I provide python tutorials. I am a blogger and working as an intern at a very reputated company. I have created several projects with help of python like - AI assistant, War Game, Text to speech conversion, Library database etc.

I am a python programmer and I love python because of its simplicity. Currently I am practising Machine Learning.

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Name: Khush Mehndiratta
Age: 21
Email: [email protected]
Location: Bhiwadi

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Code Made Easy, is a Youtube channel owned by Khush Mehndiratta which helps learners to become coders by learning programming language .

We provide training content in Hindi as well as English for better understanding by young minds. Here you will find write ups regarding our youtube videos, articles about certain topics and many other things related to different programming languages.

Main Goals:-

  • Share Knowledge for the help of society
  • Share study material in easy to understandable method.
  • To enhance understanding of young students by answering their queries.

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Always available for freelance work if the right project comes along, Feel free to contact me!

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+91 7073576961

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